Some of you may know Mark Wahlberg as Marky Mark. You may also be familiar with the last name because his brother Donnie is part of the New Kids on The Block and had a small, but breakout role in The Sixth Sense. For those of you who may not have been born in the 80’s you may not know that Mark started his career as a rapper, not an actor. His career as a rapper was short lived though, but his hit single “Good Vibrations” propelled him to super stardom from zero to sixty in seconds in the early 90’s.

Soon he was known as Marky Mark the pants dropper. Most of his live shows turned into a strip show because he always ended up in his tighty-whities at some point. Around the same time he was also the poster boy for Calvin Klein’s underwear campaign, so I guess the whole strip tease during his shows paid off.

Wahlberg’s music career was short lived and he soon transitioned into acting, which is the entertainment space that he’s mastered ever since. He was in a little film called The Basket Ball Diaries first, where he acted alongside a very young Leonardo DiCaprio. That’s when Hollywood took notice of Wahlberg and his acting career blew up. Some of his acting roles have been predictable and surprising at the same time. Most people would have pegged him for an action star, but he has proven people wrong by taking roles that are outside of his comfort zone.

While Wahlberg cemented his place in Hollywood he somehow found the time to produce Entourage. The show was loosely based on his life, and it took a more comedic approach to it instead of including his criminal activities as a young kid living in Boston.

Walhberg can be seen in the upcoming release of Transformers: Age of Extinction, but down below you’ll find a list of some his most memorable roles.

John Bennett – TED


All John Bennett wanted in life was a best friend. He probably got more than he bargained for when he wished his teddy bear was real though. The two embarked on an adventure like most friends do until it was time to choose between his friendship with Ted or his relationship with his girlfriend. Wahlberg shined in the comedy, which is written and directed by Seth McFarlane. No one really knew what to anticipate from the movie other than he was going to be in a film with a foul mouthed teddy bear. The movie was filmed in his home city of Boston, so he got to use his own accent in the film. The stand out scene is the overly violent fight scene with Ted. It’s probably the only time you’ll ever see Wahlberg get his ass kicked by a potty mouth bear.

Dignam – The Departed


The Departed was one of the most talked about movies of 2006. It featured a star-studded cast of who’s who in Hollywood. The film was directed by Martin Scorsese, the guy that knows how to make a damn good mobster film. Leo DiCaprio stars in the film as Billy, who is an undercover cop infiltrating the Irish mob. Soon they learn that there is a rat among them and it will only be a matter of time before one is caught. Wahlberg’s supporting role in the film was brilliantly played. It wasn’t obvious what part he played until the very end of the movie. It was a jaw dropping and unexpected moment for sure.

David McCall – Fear


Fear was released in 1996 and probably scared the crap out of a lot of fathers that had teenage daughters. The movie starred a very young Reese Witherspoon as the doe-eyed Nicole Walker. She caught the attention of David McCall, who seemed like an all around good dude, but you being to realize that McCall has a very dark side and becomes obsessed with Walker early on in the movie. Wahlberg’s role in the film proved that he could not only charm that ladies, but he could strike fear into anyone just as quick. If you’ve seen this movie then you know that sensual things can happen on a roller coaster, and that you should never slam the door in McCall’s face.

Eddie Adams aka Dirk Diggler – Boogie Nights


Boogie Nights is one of the highlights of Wahlberg’s career. He played Eddie Adams, aka Dirk Diggler, who has dreams of making it big in the pornography industry. Along the way he gets involved in all sorts of crazy antics. The movie featured Juliane Moore and Heather Graham in two very memorable roles, and it showed that Wahlberg could act and he could do it well. The scene most people talked about was at the end. Diggler is sitting in front of a mirror and giving himself a pep talk. Once he’s done and ready to go he stands up and you, the viewer is greeted by Dirk Diggler junior. It was a scene that shocked most people and may have gotten the ladies excited because his little friend was 13 inches long. Sorry to disappoint, but no, he doesn’t have a 13 inch penis. It was a very well designed prosthetic attachment that he wore.

Terry Hoitz – The Other Guys


Will Ferrell  was already a staple in the comedy world thank to his stint on SNL. In 2010 he starred alongside Mark Wahlberg in The Other Guys. Wahlberg didn’t have much experience in the comedy scene; the closet he got was I Heart Huckabees, but that was nothing compared to being in a movie with Will Ferrell. Wahlberg did a good job of bridging the gap between action and comedy, so he proved that he had what it takes to make a comedy movie. One of the best scenes in the film is when he goes to a gallery showing where his ex-girlfriend is; needless to say the encounter doesn’t go as well as he’d hoped.

Mickey Ward – The Fighter


The Fighter was set to start production in 2005, but a series a halts delayed the film from being made, but it didn’t stop Wahlberg from training for the role in the event that filming would get the green light. Wahlberg portrayed Mickey Ward, a boxer that had all the potential to be one of the greatest boxers if his trainer, who was his brother, didn’t keep holding him back. The issue with his brother is that he wanted to do drugs more than he wanted to train his brother. Wahlberg not only got in shape to play the role he also spent a lot of time with the real Mickey to better prepare for the role. Wahlberg was nominated for a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the famous boxer.

Marcus Luttrell – Lone Survivor


It’s hard to say what it would be like to be involved in a top secret military mission and it go awry, nor should anyone ever have to experience that. This movie comes in second to Saving Private Ryan in depicting the harrowing experiences of modern warfare. Wahlberg portrayed real life Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, who is sent out on a mission along with his team to stop a terrorist. Based on the title alone it is safe to assume that this is not just a normal grab and bag him type of mission.


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