The Marvel Phase 1 Box Set finally began shipping last week, and I am fortunate enough to call myself an owner of one.  I decided to film an unboxing of the 10-disc collectors set to show off all of the content contained within the mini-briefcase.  Hopefully it will provide the information you need to decide if this is an item to add to your own collection.

Before you watch the unboxing video I’d like to discuss my own impressions of this box set.  For starters the briefcase packaging is a cheap piece of plastic.  I wasn’t expecting a full on aluminum briefcase, but I was hoping for something more than just crappy plastic.  The case is flimsy and feels cheap.  I don’t think it would survive any sort of fall on a hard surface.  The handle is set in a way that makes it nearly impossible to hold like a briefcase, so if you had plans to use the case for something outside of a container for its own Blu-rays, then you’ll be disappointed.

The actual contents of the case are quite impressive, but they’re not worth the price of admission if you already own any of the included Marvel movies.  Although, I do love the custom art used for the actual Blu-ray cases.  Each movie has its own brilliant illustration, which really makes them pop in the plastic chassis that they reside in.  In fact, I’d love to own actual prints of these cases to hang on the walls of EB HQ!

In addition to the actual films, the Marvel Phase 1 Box Set comes loaded with a plethora of gimmicky materials.  The included tesseract cube is just a plain piece of white plastic.  It is supposed to react to touch after removing the battery blocker, but mine doesn’t seem to give a damn how many times I tap it to make it work.  The cube has no weight to it, and unless you leave it in its holster, it’s an ultimately pointless inclusion.

There’s a host of pretend top-secret files on each of the Avengers that actually do feel life-like.  Most of the folder contents were done in a way to simulate what an actual S.H.I.E.L.D. agent may see if they were tasked by Nick Fury to hunt down the superheroes that eventually spawned the Avengers.  The level of detail in these packets is insane.  Thor’s packet contains ID cards and his hospital bracelet, while Tony Starks includes early drawings of his Iron Man suit, as well as a ticket and brochure to his annual tech event.  The other team members have similar packets each filled with custom material related to them.

The unboxing video below details everything contained within the Marvel Phase 1 Box Set, so hopefully it combined with my mini-review will help you decide if this is something you should add to your collection.  Personally, I recommend not buying it if you already own the movies.  Due to the case itself being a cheap piece of plastic, and the other contents being filler material, this box set is just not worth it if you don’t need the movies.

Now if you’ve managed to avoid buying any of the Marvel Phase 1 films, then this box set is well worth its asking price of $149.99.  If you’re interested in buying this collectible you can head on over to this link.  Don’t forget to watch the unboxing video after the break!  You’ve been liking that I fall on grenades like this for you…

Marvel Phase 1 Limited Edition Box Set Unboxing Video [HD]


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