The Distractotron YouTube channel has another cosplay compiliation to view, and this one goes out to all the Marvel fans in the geek-o-sphere. It comes as no surprise that most people decide on a Marvel character to cosplay since the universe is so large and full of hundreds of character to pick from. Cosplayers could choose from Spider-Man, Deadpool, Captain America, Thor, Storm, Jubilee, and more, the list is almost limitless. Rather than reading about all of the different Marvel cosplay choices you should just check out the awesomeness of it in action via the video below.



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Ana lives in Orlando, FL with her husband and two dogs; Miles and Jello. She is possibly a Cylon. Devoted a piece of her skin to a Destiny tattoo and has a long term plan of cosplayjng as a Bioshock Splicer or Warlock at some point. Her prized possession is an autograph from Robert Englund welcoming her to prime time. Favorite games include those mentioned above, Aladdin for SNES, losing her life to Animal Crossing and the good Resident Evil games. Saga comics are an unequivocal recommendation. She recently wrapped up yet another viewing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.