MARVEL/DC: KNIGHTMARE – A Fan Made Concept Trailer

The UltraSargent YouTube channel has released a pretty radical comic book universe mashup concept trailer that feature the worlds and characters of Marvel and DC clashing together. Think of it as Civil War, but with Marvel and DC characters.

The trailer is made up of clips from various MCU films, DC Films, CW TV shows, and a few classic DC TV shows and films. I’m not so sure about the old footage, although I’m a die hard Christopher Reeves Superman guy, and I love Keaton’s Batman, so I did appreciate seeing them included, but the old Wonder Woman footage probably could have been replaced with new Wonder Woman footage. Otherwise, this mashup works very well from top to bottom.

Check it out above!

About the Video

“After the collision of the Marvel & DC worlds, the world has to learn to cope with so many people with super-human abilities. Metahumans, aliens, inhumans and mutants galore. The governments of the world are unsure how to deal with such a large amount of super-powered people, so they take things to the extreme. Enlisting Iron Man, War Machine and many others, a task force is formed to round up and imprison powered people who could possibly pose a threat. Superman and Batman, as well as more, believe everyone should be entitled to their freedom. These differing opinions will lead both sides to extreme methods, even using Kryptonian technology to enhance your suit.”

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