Marvel Phase 2 Bonuses to be Included in New Marvel Phase 1 Box Set

The delay of the Marvel Phase 1 box set really sucked back in September, but some new details about its April 2nd, 2013 release may make comic book movie fans feel a little bit better about the setback.  It seems that the powers at be went back an reevaluated the contents of the case now that they’ve had some time to repackage it, and they’ve decided to included some Marvel Phase 2 movie bonuses.  The Phase 1 box set will now included concept art and footage from Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Iron Man 3, and Guardians of the Galaxy.  Kevin Feige, the King of Marvel Studios, made the following statement about the new content to be found in the Marvel Phase 1 box set:

“We went back to the editor’s assembly of each film and discovered some rare moments that dropped out of the films early on and had not been released on prior discs.

[This will allow fans] to catch the connective tissue that paved the way toward the Avengers assembling. We spent an embarrassing amount of time compiling the ‘Shield Files’ included in the box set to be sure that each character’s file was full of great, movie-accurate props and Easter eggs, which help tie all of the Phase one [Marvel Comics Universe] films together.

[The Phase Two preview will include] footage, concept art, and a few new surprises. Also, look for a nod to Iron Man 3 in the Tony Stark S.H.I.E.L.D. file in the box set.”

I know it sucked to not get that awesome briefcase filled with Marvel Phase 1 goodies back in September, but if the re-release does in fact contain some Marvel Phase 2 goodies, I think the wait will be worth it.  Let us know if you’ll keep your pre-order in place now that you know the contents have changed in the Marvel Phase 1 box set.  You’ve still been wishing you had that damn briefcase already…


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