Last week a new free-to-play game from FoxNext Games called MARVEL Strike Force made a splash on the iOS and Google Play stores thanks to its many similarities to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which has been a staple on most mobile gamer’s devices for 2.5 years. Strike Force, like Galaxy of Heroes, offers up action-RPG style gameplay featuring a large collection of Marvel heroes and villains, and it actually provides some compelling and very addicting gameplay without the need to spend real money. It does offer certain paid content, but over the past week I have been able to play it for at least two hours a day, and probably more, without the need of cash.

It really is the Marvel version of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, so if you enjoy that game, and also appreciate the Marvel universe, then you should definitely give it a spin. It’s free, so it’ll only cost you some storage space and bandwidth to check out, so give it a search on App Store or Google Play to give it a go.

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Hey now free-to-play gamers, this is Matt Heywood from to clue you in on a new mobile title that Marvel fans, as well as fans of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes should be playing.

Before you accuse this review of being a paid advertisement I must remind you that it is not, my opinions are solely based on what I have experienced in the game over the past week. So don’t be a troll asshole and dismiss this critique because you don’t think mobile games are any good, or if you think all F2P titles are pointless. Besides, why are you F2P gamers so angry? If you don’t like them don’t download them, and if you do just delete the damn thing if it’s ruining your life. Free is free after all.

Anyway, last week FoxNext Games released what is best described as a Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes clone with a Marvel skin in MARVEL Strike Force, which is now freely available for iOS and Android devices.

Outside of more dynamic visuals, and a few additional gameplay modes, Strike Force replicates the Galaxy of Heroes formula to a “T”, which for those of you who have played that game, is a clear sign that this title is worth adding to your daily free-to-play games lineup.

It packs in plenty of content to keep both paying and free players engaged for hours each day without the need for real world money. Yes, it offers items to buy for cash, and a few of its modes such as Blitz, which requires you to combat other player squads to move up ranking ladders for rewards, do have clear pay walls for better rewards, but the formula is such that you don’t ever have to pay real money to get a couple of hours of gameplay in each day. That’s really all you need for a mobile game, so like Heroes, Strike Force offers up nearly a complete gameplay experience without punishing pay walls to allow free players to enjoy the game in the same way paying players can, albeit with the expectation that their progress will be a bit slower due to not using real money to buy items that hasten your overall progression.

Strike Force’s gameplay modes also mimic what you’ll find in Galaxy of Heroes, and there are even a few that aren’t in that title such as Blitz, and the Milestones mode. These just add other ways to play and earn rewards, so they don’t change up the gameplay at all. The campaign mode is also a bit more of a campaign so you follow little stories in between levels, and there are also multiple campaigns instead of just one for the good and bad guys, so there is a bit more variety in Strike Force over Galaxy of Heroes.

Speaking of gameplay, Strike Force is best described as an action-based RPG. You field teams of up to five Marvel superheroes or villains or both, and each hero will have a class assigned to them such as a Blaster or a Defender. Each character also has special abilities that are suited to their class, such as Luke Cage’s Taunt ability to defend his team from incoming attacks.

These abilities, as well as the character themselves can be ranked up by earning character cards, and other supplies for ranking up your powers. There are also gear items to equip, which are also upgradeable, and can help increase each character’s overall power level.

The actual battles you fight in can be manually played, or you can auto-play them to save some time. If you manually play and don’t increase the speed of the gameplay, you will be treated to dynamic animations that really suck you into the fight. This game definitely features top-notch visuals for a mobile title, and these dynamic shots really hammer that aspect home.

MARVEL Strike Force is a very addicting free-to-play mobile title that both free and paying players can enjoy for multiple hours each day. It offers the same crack-like gameplay formula featured in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, while also adding in a few new gameplay modes, and much more robust looking visuals. It does also feature a few more pay walls than Galaxy of Heroes, but not the type that will turn you off if you never plan to pay real money while playing. Best of all, it’s free to download and play, so there’s no reason not to at least give it a try to see if it’s something that you’ll enjoy.

For what it’s worth, MARVEL Strike Force earns an 8.5 out of 10 review score from Team EB, and we highly recommend at least giving it a test spin considering that it’s free-to-play, and offers up plenty of daily mobile gameplay that won’t cost you a dime.

Thanks for watching, Matt Heywood here for, where we make you addicted to free mobile games, one recommendation at a time.

Review Summary

Story - 7.5
Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 9.5
Sound - 8
Entertainment Value - 9



MARVEL Strike Force is a very addicting F2P mobile title that borrows many elements from Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which is a great thing if you've played that action-RPG. There's no reason not to at least try it out if you've a fan of GoH, or Marvel in general.


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