Marvel’s Phase 1 Avengers Assembled Box Set Incoming Featuring All 6 Films

Marvel has announced the Phase One – Avengers Assembled limited edition Blu-ray box set collection that will feature all 6 Marvel movies that directly tied into The Avengers.  This box set will contain 10 Blu-ray discs in a collectible case, and it’ll also include the 3D versions of each movie that supported the technology.  This thing is going to cost you though, as Marvel is charging $189.99 for the entire set.

This announcement kind of has me torn, because like any good fan I’ve already bought Iron Man, Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America, so the only film I’ll be missing in this set is The Avengers.  I can’t justify the price tag considering that I’ve already dumped a ton of cash into the individual releases, but the collector in me is screaming, “YOU MUST OWN THIS OR YOU’LL BE MISSING OUT YOU CHEAP BA*TARD!”

I don’t know, it’s going to be a tough decision.  How about the rest of you Marvel fans?  Will you buy this set even though you already own most of the movies in it?  Let us know using the comment section below.  You’ve been wanting to see its case…

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Marvel Cinematic Universe – Phase One: Avengers Assembled Preview

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