Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Main Theme Gets a Retro 16-bit SNES Style Remix

Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4 is a great game, and one of the best Spider-Man adventures around. Even its menu music is awesome, thanks to its similarities to the official Spider-Man and Avengers MCU theme music. The theme is very iconic now thanks to the MCU’s 10 years of excellence, and if you’re like me, you will probably have some sort of emotional reaction to it. I think about all of the great MCU movie moments, and the people I’ve enjoyed them with when I hear it when I hear this theme.

Well, now it gets even more nostalgic thanks to a 16-bit SNES remix by John Paesano. He’s taken the game’s theme, and turned it into a chiptune version, making it sound like it came from a video game first released in the early 90’s. This version may be even better than the original, at least for the video game Spidey. Although, it does get a bit Castlevania-like thanks to the organ-sounding parts, but for all intents and purposes you can hear the theme loud and clear though. Give it a listen above.


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