I apologize for being behind the curve, but it took the EB awhile to get his super fantastic site built before I could get to writing.  Today’s news that is already happening is the Firewalker DLC pack for Mass Effect 2.  Mass Effect 2 could already be the game of the year and it came out in the first month of 2010.  It’s the middle chapter to the planned trilogy that is the Mass Effect universe created by one of the greatest dev studios of all time, Bioware.  Let’s just say if you haven’t played Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 you are missing out on one of the best all around gaming experiences of all time.

I’m not going to go into a full review since the game has been out for awhile, but I’d like to highlight yet another free piece of DLC that Bioware has to offer for ME2.  If you have downloaded and installed the Cerberus Network then you already know about all of the free stuff that they’ve pumped down to your console.  I think to date we’ve gotten a free character and mission, gun and armor, and now a vehicle and 5 more new missions.

The Firewalker DLC will give gamers a new vehicle to drive on planet surfaces and 5 new missions that showcase the new vehicles abilities.  The Hammerhead is a shuttle type of a vehicle, which is much different than the 6 wheeled tank, the Mako, that you piloted in ME1.  Some critics bitched that the Mako was removed from ME2, but I felt it helped to add to the varied missions in ME2 as opposed to the formula from ME1.  This entailed landing on a planet, driving over mountain ranges with your magical Mako, and then going to a bland base and completing your objective.  ME2 featured much more detailed planets and missions, which made me feel content enough that the abscence of the Mako was an after thought.  Sometimes critics just need a reason to be critical for the sake of being critical.  I will not write that way.  If something is bad ass and I know you’ll enjoy it I’ll let you know without nit-picking the BS.

Anyway,  I haven’t downloaded the Firewalker pack to give you a review, but I plan on it once I return to the ME2 galaxy.  My first run through was very emotional since I did it on the hardest setting, which nearly caused me to have an aneuryism, so I’m taking a medical leave for a few months before I go through it again.  Don’t let that deter you though it’s available now through the Cerberus Network if you have that installed.  If not you’ll have to pony up 1200 MS points to do so.  Fear not, most anything Bioware puts out is amazing, so grab your neighbor’s credit card and get to downloading!

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