Mass Effect 2 Gets ‘Overlord’ DLC – Still No New Cheves, Beat!

Bioware recently announced that Mass Effect 2 will be getting another piece of DLC for the hit sequel called ‘Overlord’, which will drop in June.  Priced at 560 BS points this DLC seems to give gamers quite a bargain for what it will provide.  Overlord is being touted as the largest expansion pack for the game to date, and it’ll add 5 new uncharted worlds, as well as a fully fleshed out story that can be played before or after you complete the infamous Suicide Mission.  It will focus on exploration with the Hammerhead, which is a throwback to Mass Effect 1 and its heavy use of planet exploration with the Mako.  There will also be a story element that involves a Geth experiment gone awry as well.

It sounds like it’ll be well worth the $7 price point, but I’m a little disappointed that Overlord isn’t accompanied by some new cheves.  Bioware has been pumping out DLC for Mass Effect 2, but for some reason they aren’t including anymore achievments, which really burns my ass.  For a gamer that has been disallusioned by achievements and the thrill of gaming to be rewarded, it’s hard to pay for DLC if I don’t feel like I’m getting anything.  Yeah, I’m an asshole, but anymore I feel like I need to be playing towards something to even play a game anymore.  Gone are the days of gaming just for shits and giggles.  The allure of achievements, trophies, and what not have made it difficult to just sit down and enjoy a great game.

How about you guys and gals?  Can you pay or play games that don’t promise some sort of reward at the end?  Has the achievement innovation altered your gaming habits as well, or am I just a douchebag?  With that being said, Mass Effect 2 is such a great game I’m sure I’ll return to it one day and pick up all of the DLC for it.  It’s just too awesome of a story and universe not to come back over some petty cheve complaints, but I never said I wasn’t fickle.  You’ve been bitched to…

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