Mass Effect 3 Box Art Hints at Possible Kinect Functionality

A NeoGaf forum member by the name of Latiku supposedly spotted the above image on the store a few days ago.  If you look closely you’ll notice that it has the Kinect Sensor disclaimer on it hinting at possible motion controls in Mass Effect 3.  If this is indeed legit I wonder how much of the gameplay will rely on the Kinect.  Obviously, since Mass Effect 3 isn’t a motion based game I’d imagine the Kinect functionality to come into play with certain menu navigation, but that’s just my feeble guess.  I think it’d be pretty awesome to navigate the galaxy map using your hands a la Minority Report style, but outside of that I’m not too sure how else the Kinect would be used.  Maybe as an additional way to use your biotics powers in combat?  Who knows, but I’ll be paying close attention to this one as more details unfold.  What do you think of a possible Kinect enabled Mass Effect 3?  Let us know using the comments section below.  You’ve been thinking that this could be spectacular, or a cheap gimmick…


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