The Mass Effect 3 demo has been out for a day now, so it’s time to compare its graphical prowess between the Xbox 360 version and the PS3 one.  In all honesty, unless you have Superman like vision there’s absolutely no visible difference based on the video below.  Please note that I haven’t played the demo myself due to SPOILER issues, but if I did I would do so on the Xbox 360.  Now this is mainly because I’ve played the first two games on that system, so I want to continue my Shepherd there, but according to the video below it’s not like I’d be getting a better experience on the PS3 anyway.

Besides, until Sony hires someone to iron out their sh*tty online service I’ll never buy a multi-platform game for that console.  It’s first party games are top notch, but for a game that I can play on the 360 as well, I’ll always opt for that version because of the XBL functionality that MS has crafted.  Check out the ME3 demo comparison for yourself down below to see what I’m talking about.  If you say one looks clearly better than the other you’re either a MS or Sony fanboy!  You’ve been doing your best not to play this demo…

ME3 Demo Console Comparison

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