Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Now Live – Be Lame and Watch the 4 New Endings Now

The Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC is now live for Xbox 360 gamers, but if you’re too lazy to play through it to see the new endings some thieving gamers have posted the footage online.  I wouldn’t recommend taking the easy way out, because this content should be experienced live and with your own Shepherd, but if you sold the game in disgust, or just can’t bring yourself to play it again, the embedded videos below will give you an idea of what Bioware added to the game’s controversial endings.

SPOILERS AHEAD.  In addition to the 3 standard choices from the game’s original ending many gamers are reporting that there’s a new “Refusal” option where you basically tell the Catalyst to go f*ck itself.  I can’t confirm or deny this options existence, but according to the many ramblings online, and a YouTube video, this new 4th dialogue option may indeed be legit.

Again, I’m embedding all of the new Mass Effect 3 endings below, but due to the nature of the game and its many choices you should really play through to the end of the game again to see your own Shepherd’s ending.  The fact that Bioware even released this content to make fans happy is reason enough alone to at least play through it rather than watching some bootleg YouTube videos.  The only reason we’re posting them is because I understand how gamers work, and I know many of you would rather just watch it than play ME3 again.  I also need to report on the day’s hot topics, and ME3’s Extended Cut DLC is definitely one of them.  Check out the 4 new ME3 extended cut endings below.  You’ve been thinking that you shouldn’t watch these in this format…

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough : Extended Cut DLC Synthesis Ending

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough : Extended Cut DLC Destroy Ending

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough : Extended Cut DLC Control Ending

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut | New Refusal Ending

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