Mass Effect 3 Squad Combat Trailer from Gamescon 2011

A new squad based combat trailer for Mass Effect 3 debuted at Gamescon this week, and it features a scenario in which Shepard’s teammates are crucial to victory.  I’m pretty sure that this footage is in-game and not a custom creation to show off at trade shows, and if it is my lord does it look fluid as f*ck (again my command of the English language is legendary)!  The only thing that leads me to believe that this combat footage is scripted is the fact that the camera solely focuses on one of Shepard’s squad mates as they carry out an action to aid the team in battle.

Shepard and Co. Doing the Squad Combat Shuffle

If this is indeed how battles will go with the new squad controls then ME3 will easily be the best in the Mass Effect series.  Boy oh boy, the next 7 months of gaming is going to be orgasmic to say the least.  I’m looking forward to Gears 3, Rage, B3, begrudgingly MW3, and ME3 (holy second sequels Batman).  How about you?  You’ve been wanting to get your hands on this bad boy of an action-RPG ASAP…

Mass Effect 3 Squad Leader Gamescon Trailer


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