Mass Effect: Assignment is a Live Action Choose Your Own Path Fan Film

The SneakyZebra YouTube channel has crafted a live action Mass Effect 3 film called Mass Effect: Assignment, which incorporates the “Choose your own adventure” technique from the olden days of paperback RPG fantasy novels.  For those of you that have no clue what I’m referring to their used to be these things called books which had paper pages in them, and a story that you had to read.  Throughout this story you could choose your own path, which would result in a unique ending to the book that your friend may not have even experienced if he/she took a different choice.

Apply that formula to a live action Mass Effect short and you have Mass Effect: Assignment.  Assignment is an interactive YouTube movie that will prompt viewers to choose either the Paragon or Renegade options during certain scenes to provide unique outcomes for each choice.  In total there are four possible endings for Mass Effect: Assignment, so if you want to see all of the endings you have to choose each choice once, or you could cheat and use these links (you must watch the initial video below first for these to make any sense Paragon, Renegade).

What’s even more impressive about ME: Assignment is the fact that it was created by amateurs on a shoe string budget.  In total I think they had around $200 to shoot this project, and outside of some less than Oscar-worthy acting, the team did a fantastic job bringing an original Mass Effect live action story to life.  They had some great looking N7 armor costumes, cool guns with shiny lasers, and even biotic powers.  I wouldn’t put their VFX work on the level of a Wong or Corridor Digital, but Sneaky Zebra is definitely a YT channel to keep an eye on.  They’ve got what you’d say, “Skillz to pay the billz” if you know what I mean?

I have to give them massive props for their work on this project, because if anything it’s proof that if you can put your mind to something anything is truly impossible.  Check it out below and carve your own path through the Assignment story.  You’ve been impressed with what these geeks accomplished…

Mass Effect: Assignment (Interactive Fan Film)

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