Geeks, especially those who are into the sci-fi genre, tend to take their passion for a particular piece of fiction to the extreme.  One example of this rabid fandom is the amazing cosplay outfits that these fans come up with.  Almost every major sci-fi/comic/anime/manga entity has its own devoted cosplaying fans, and for the most part these homemade versions of the iconic costumes found within these universes are nothing short of amazing.  The art of cosplaying just goes to show how dedicated geeks can become to a franchise that brings them happiness, and some of these fans create better looking costumes than a few Hollywood FX shops.

Now that Mass Effect has been around for awhile it too has started to see its fair share of ME cosplayers popping up at geeky conventions and cons.  I came across a few of the better Mass Effect fan made costumes on a site called Gameranx, and I have to admit that they’re some of the better looking cosplayers in the land of nerds.  I’ve posted a few of the more impressive looking ME costumes for you to gawk at below, but like myself I think most males will agree that some of these ME fans get their eezo flowing in the right direction.  Check them out and let us know what you think.  You can see all of the ME cosplayers here if you’d like to see more of their creations.  You’ve been thinking that your Miranda fantasy could actually happen one day if you meet one of these chicks at a con…

Mass Effect Cosplayers…Yum!

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