Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Premiere Trailer – Anime Starring James Vega

FUNimation premiered the first ever trailer for the Mass Effect anime project known as ME: Paragon Lost.  This is a full length feature film that will be going directly to Blu-ray/DVD, and it will be available to purchase on November 13, 2012 for an insanely high price of $29.99 for the DVD, and $34.98 for the DVD/Blu-ray bundle.  I can buy 3D movies cheaper than that, and considering that this little project is based on James Vega, who was only a minor character in my opinion, I’m not sure how well this anime Mass Effect film will do.  If I worked at FUNimation I’d brace myself for a bomb, because based on the user comments for this preview it doesn’t look like many ME fans have interest in this project whatsoever.

I tend to agree with them.  I think the style looks fine, and I’m always down for a good cartoon, but James Vega?  For real?  Who made that decision?  Maybe it’s because they signed up C-lister Freddie Prinze Jr. to reprise his role as Vega, and they thought his involvement would help move more units.  I don’t know.  It just seems odd to me that other Mass Effect characters, especially those who appeared in all three games, weren’t considered for this project.  Oh well, it’s coming, so check out the Paragon Lost preview trailer below, which was shown off at SDCC today.  You’ve been thinking using James Vega is a loco move…

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Premiere Trailer

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