Master Chief in Gear of War 3? Cliffy B. Tried but Microsoft Said NO!

Cliff Bleszinski, the mastermind behind Epic’s Gears of War franchise, recently talked about the fact that he tried to talk Microsoft into letting Epic use Master Chief in Gears of War 3.  Obviously, the Chief doesn’t really fit within the Gears Universe, but it sounds like Cliff just wanted to give fans of both series a fun little video to watch.  He said in a Complex interview, “We’d have to see what his head looks like being blown to smithereens or how his arm would look getting sawed off. Then we’d package up the test footage, put it on YouTube, and let the fans get a kick out of it because everything is meta these days.”

Ultimately, Bleszinski lost out to the keepers of Master Chief because as he puts it, “I actually approached Microsoft on getting Master Chief into the game, but those guys are kind of squeamish. One of Halo‘s successes is that it’s a soft M [rating]. Gears pushes it further.”  Yeah I’d say Gears pushes it light years further on the gore front when you compare it to Halo, which is pretty mild when it comes to its graphic violence.  In fact, Cliff summed up the differences between the two shooters brilliantly by saying, “Gears is like Mortal Kombat and Halo is like Street Fighter. But if we were to get Master Chief, we’d get his model, put him in a COG suit, make it blow up, and do some test animation work.”

Can’t We be Friends?

Oh well, chainsawing the Master Chief will just have to remain a dream for now.  Personally, I would’ve liked to have seen the video that Cliff talked about, but I’m not sure if it would have made that much sense.  Ideally, MS should have let Nether Realms use the Chief in Mortal Kombat 9 to offset the Kratos envy that us 360 owners feel towards our PS3 brethren.  To me that makes more sense than putting him in a COG outfit, but like Cliff said they’d never do something like that because Halo is like soft core p*rn versus the hardcore feel of MK and Gears of War.

It still would’ve been nice to see a COG soldier, or a Spartan in MK9 though.  What are your thoughts on the matter?  Would you have liked to see the Chief getting worked over in the Gears Universe, or do you like him just the way he is?  Weigh in on the matter using the comment section below.  You were almost able to see the Master Chief’s guts…


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