*Potential Spoiler Alert in Video*

I don’t know who posted this find first, but according to some of the comments on IGN’s YouTube channel I’m deducing it was Rooster Teeth.  People are angry.  Sorry, I keep thinking about the comments on IGN’s page.  Full of angry trolls!  Back to the Master Chief sighting, which may or may not be him.  This clip comes from the end of the game and really won’t spoil anything, but just in case I want to warn you about spoilers.  I don’t want those Internet trolls on my a*s, so I’m covering my bases.

In my opinion I want to believe it’s Master Chief, but from my reading of the Reach novel I don’t think it can be.  I’m pretty sure Master Chief was awake and kicking while the Pillar of Autumn made its way off of Reach.  The Spartan in this clip could be Linda who was in the novel and got roughed up and put into a cryo-pod to heal.  Who knows, these days franchises can change their history whenever they see fit i.e. Star Wars.  Check it out below and form your own opinion.  You’ve been Master Chief hunting…


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