Master of Orion’s Dev Diary Offers Nostalgic Insight

Wargaming, game developer best known for critically acclaimed World of Tanks, has teamed up with WG Labs for their reboot of Master of Orion. This merger of minds lead to the beginning of a Developer Diaries series to showcase the team’s attention to retaining the integrity of the the original. In classic 4X strategy fashion, the game revolves around e”X”ploring, e”X”panding, e”X”ploiting, and e”X”terminating.

Turn-based and Real Time Strategy (RTS) games are Wargaming’s forte, so Master of Orion is in the best of hands. Now that improved technology is so easily accessible compared to when the original game came out, Wargaming’s vision for modernizing the game seems to be on the right track.

World of Tanks’ enormous popularity is enough to warrant comfort in Wargaming and WG Labs’ approach to Master of Orion, and the video above does well to satiate our craving for now. More video diaries from the development team will be releasing periodically, so keep this one in your sites!

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