Matt Smith’s Star Wars: Episode IX Character Rumors Intensify

Please do not continue with this post if you’re avoiding all things Star Wars: Episode IX. While this rumor hasn’t been confirmed, it could turn out to be true, so you should still avoid this post at all costs if you’re a clean slater.

Alright, here we go. So during an episode of The Weekly Planet Podcastthey revealed that an inside source told them that Matt Smith would be playing a young Sheev Palpatine. This implies that we’d be getting some sort of flashback or dream scenario to make this happen, and I personally find it very unlikely.

First off, why hire a dude with Matt Smith’s geek cred only to use him in a flashback? I also don’t know how a young Sheev would fit into this movie unless it’s a flashback about him and a young Snoke crossing paths, or possibly how he becomes a Sith himself to provide Kylo with another example of one of his Dark Side hero’s rise to infamy?

The only use of Palpatine that makes sense to me in Episode IX is if he’s a hologram playing a message at one of his old dark side bunkers that were established in Star Wars Battlefront II.

If anything else, it’s fun to speculate on, so we will surely be discussing it on the latest episode of Star Wars Time, which will air next week.


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