Maurice Clarett Shows Personal Growth in Recent Statements About OSU Football

Maurice Clarett, the infamous Ohio State running back that tried to take on the NFL, showed some personal growth today when he was interviewed by Dan Patrick about the current state of the Ohio State football program.  If you remember, this is the guy that had the world by the balls as a college freshman, because he took OSU to its first National Title in 30 some years.  Many thought he’d be the next Archie Griffin, or Eddie George after that first season, but those speculations soon ended once Clarett began his sophomore season.  He wouldn’t even finish out the year, and before you knew it he was suing the NFL for early admission.  When it was all said and done this once promising athlete found himself in jail serving a sentence for a crime spree that ended in a car chase.  Maurice proved to the World that he was a selfish and immature kid who self destructed when things didn’t go his way.  He was written off as a f*ck up and left to rot in jail.

Clarett was released from prison last year and one could tell that his time in jail served him well.  He had plans to re-enroll at OSU, and he even tried to get back in the game by joining the UFL.  Obviously, he already p*ssed away any real chance of becoming a NFL star, and through this I think he finally grew up and took the blame for his downfall rather than placing it on others.

This change in Maurice’s line of thinking was made even more clear today when he was asked about all of the scandals plaguing his former college team.  Rather than make excuses for the players that jacked up the program to the point that Tress had to quit Clarett actually put the blame on them and not the coaches, or the University.  When asked about who he feels is to blame for this horrendous downfall Clarett pointed his finger at the athletes themselves.  He said, “Anything that any player goes and gets is all based on him and who he meets in the community. The coaches and the university have no control over what the young guy’s doing.”  He went on to confirm that there’s no secret organization at OSU that helps football players get perks by saying, “There’s no secret regime, there’s no secret congregation of people who sit around at Ohio State who gives young guys money.”

When I was reading his comments I couldn’t help but be impressed with his opinions on the matter.  I figured he would’ve jumped on the Pryor bandwagon to throw OSU under the bus.  I figured he’d take the players stick together mentality on this subject, but he actually showed growth.  If anyone would know about improper benefits at Ohio State it would have to be Clarett.  I’m sure he was wined and dined while at OSU, so I know for a fact that he has personal experience with the temptations of being a high profile athlete in Columbus, OH.  Clarett said, “There wasn’t any coach or any booster or any member in or around Ohio State who helps you get a car, it doesn’t go on. It’s just guys doing what they want to. People will forever do what they want to. It’s nothing more than young guys making mistakes.”  Kudos Clarett, I don’t think the OSU debacle could have been summed up in a better fashion.

All of these Buckeyes that are now in danger of f*cking up their lives should look to Clarett with a new found sense of respect.  Here’s a guy that could’ve probably made millions with his athletic abilities, yet he p*ssed it all away because he thought he was larger than life.  I’m sure Pryor feels the same way, and I’m sure it’ll take him a few years to realize how bad he screwed up his life, but it is nice to see that some of these kids do end up learning valuable lessons, albeit in a hard way.

Pryor has moved on from his OSU career, but like Clarett, I think he’s in for a rude awakening.  College scandals can take athletes down forever, so you blue chippers need to pay attention to people like Clarett and Pryor.  They’re real life examples of what can happen if you get a little too power hungry and greedy.  Just put in your 3 years, do your job, stay out of trouble, and get ready to make millions.  Enough said!  You’ve been taken back by Clarett’s mature statements…


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