May 4th Star Wars Site is Nothing More Than Viral Marketing for Blu-ray Release

A few days back I wrote about a mysterious email that I received from Star that hinted at something major happening on May 4th in regards to the franchise.  Well the 4th is now here and it’s being called Star Wars Day, but all the secret site revealed was an elaborate viral marketing campaign for the upcoming release of Lucas’s baby on Blu-ray.  If you head on over to this link you can get in on the lame fun, but all you’ll see is nothing more than a commercial for the Blu-rays.

I give the Lucasfilm marketing team credit for their creative tactics, but in the end the whole “May the 4th be with you” campaign was nothing more than a huge commercial that we as fans helped to promote.  Rather than pay for a prime time commercial they duped us fanboys into spreading the word for them on the cheap.  They even forced entire countries to share the video so more of it would be available to play.  So essentially they double-duped us!  Once to get the initial buzz started, and then again to share the video over and over so it could be completely unlocked.  Damn you SW for tickling my b*lls with a feather for no reason!  You’ve been scammed by a corporate machine to promote their products for free…


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