Mayan Death Robots Hands-on Preview

Mayan Death Robots is a game that was shrouded in mystery for me when I got to PAX, I saw it on my schedule of games to check out, and I just kept thinking every time I saw it: “what the hell is that even supposed to mean?”. I was pleasantly surprised when I finally got to the booth to find a seriously colorful, impressive, awesome looking Worms-esque game with crazy looking aliens.



The matches, from what I saw, can last anywhere between two minutes and ten minutes, because every game seemed to go differently, even when players picked the same characters as the last two players. As far as story goes, the campaign is actually a two-player campaign, every level is basically a one on one match, with stationary avatars for each player. Each player can select from two or three different weapons to launch at their opponent or their opponent’s core in a sort of “kill the defender, then attack their heart” style game. Every few turns, a special weapon will come into play and both players can choose whether to use it or stockpile it, and the weapons are generally pretty helpful and can be real game-changers. They range from a volley of homing missiles to a shotgun blast of scatter grenades that make destroying terrain to get to the enemies core go much faster.

Kukulkan the Feathered Serpent God

Terrain deformation is a big part of the game, and sometimes doesn’t work out the way that you think it will. I watched one game where one player just kept blowing up the ground under the enemy core until it fell into the void and won! Though the other player had no idea what they were doing so that certainly didn’t help, but it was still pretty amusing to see how different strategies worked and didn’t work.

Different alien races can be picked, and each come with their own default weapons, which are all pretty different, there’s no “Light, accurate weapon” or “Heavy, hard to aim weapon”. One character literally has a nuke with a weapon, a frickin nuclear warhead is his main weapon, and his other one is rockets, while another alien throws exploding bananas and boulders, so every character is wildly different. It’s really cool to try out the different characters and see what happens!

The last option players have is to add terrain back to the map to protect you and your core, you can place chunks of earth anywhere near you to try to gain some footing you may have lost. This is gonna be a great couch game to play with a buddy and the roster of characters mixed with a variety of maps and game modes is sure to keep tension (and hopefully laughs) high as you destroy each other.


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