Maybe Mortal Kombat: Legacy Should Have Been an Animated Series

Episode 5 of Warner Bros.’ Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series has hit the ether, and just like Ep. 4 it mixes in some animation to help drive the plot along.  This makes two episodes in a row to use animation to tell the more gory parts of  the Kitana and Mileena story (Ep. 4 and 5 Focus), versus the purely live-action scenes that were seen in episodes 1-3.  Considering that the overall series has been less than awesome, I’m starting to wonder if the whole project should have been animated in the style that was used in the last two episodes.

When I first saw the teaser for this Mortal Kombat web-series I was more than pumped to see how the whole saga would pan out.  I’m a big fan of the Mortal Kombat franchise, and like any of my other geeky passions I love to learn more about the MK Universe’s backstory.  I’m not saying that we aren’t being given this in these online shorts, but it’s being done in a way that isn’t as compelling as I initially imagined.  I figured since these things were made for the Web they’d have some pretty edgy content in them, but up until now the most blood and gore I’ve seen has only been in the animated sections that started showing up in Episode 4.

Animated Scenes Like This Give MK: Legacy the Feel it Should Have

These animated sections are fantastic and fit the whole Mortal Kombat motif much better than their live-action counterparts.  Unfortunately, they just started appearing halfway into the Mortal Kombat: Legacy run, so now they kind of feel like a tacked on attempt to bring back some of the things that have made Mortal Kombat infamous like intense action, blood, guts, and everything else parents don’t want their little geeks to see.  At this point in the series run the animated scenes just don’t seem to mix well with the B-level live-action parts that the series initially used.

In fact, all they have really done for me is make me realize that the Mortal Kombat: Legacy project should have been fully animated from the get go.  If done in this style the show’s caretakers could have used a more liberal approach to their story telling when it came to some of the more over-the-top sequences, and violent action that the MK games are known for.  I can’t help but think about projects like the ‘Animatrix’, and how well it was used to flesh out more of the backstory in regards to the overall Matrix Universe.  In my opinion this is how WB should have approached the Mortal Kombat: Legacy project from the word “Go!”  I think they had the right intentions, but so far the project has more or less let me down as a Mortal Kombat fan.

Chewing On People’s Necks Does a Body Good!

I’ll still watch the rest of the series, and I’ll make sure to catch Ep. 6 next Tuesday, but I can’t help but think how much better these things could have been if they were fully animated, sans real actors.  The way the animation is used now just doesn’t seem to fit within the scope of the project, and the scenes almost seem crowbarred in do to budget constraints on the live-action sequences.  Oh well, I guess these are still better than watching an episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Whogivesashittington’!  If you haven’t seen it make sure to catch Ep. 5 of Mortal Kombat: legacy below.  You’ve been thinking that these would make  wonderful pieces of anime…

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 5


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