Microsoft is once again smacking its loyal users in the face with yet another month of “fantastic” free games for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Xbox One users are getting Castle Storm: Definitive Edition, while 360 users are getting Mafia II and Formula 1 2013. Please, Xbox users everywhere, please, try to contain your excitement and schoolgirl-like squeals of joy as you dig into games that nobody wanted to play, even for free. I swear we only get one or two good free games a year on both consoles, even when we got double games, the only good Xbox One game was Child of Light, and it’s not even that expensive anyway.

Sure, F1 2013 retails for 50 bucks according to the Xbox Website, but who the hell cares? Where’s the free Alan Wake, or Diablo III, or some game that would actually hold someone’s attention for a long time and is actually highly acclaimed and really good? I want a free game to be excited about that I can tell my friends is really good, not something I wouldn’t want them to wipe their asses with, I mean come on, it’s like Microsoft is trying to get us to all buy PS4s at this point!

Not that there’s anything wrong with the PS4, but dammit, I bought my Xbox One expecting to be treated like a loyal customer, and instead I get Castle Storm, where’s my free copy of The Walking Dead: Season 1 or 2, or something, ANYTHING besides what we’re getting. Look on the bright side, eventually they’ll run out of shitty games to hand us and start giving us good ones!


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