McDonald’s Fast Food Could Survive a Nuclear Fallout

Sally Davies is a photographer who embarked on an odd experiment this past April when she purchased a McDonald’s Happy Meal.  She wanted to see what would happen to it if she left it out in the open untouched.  180 days later her photo experiment is now finished, and the results are disturbing.  After being out in the open for months the Happy Meal didn’t get mold, didn’t smell, didn’t decompose, and for the most part it looked just like it did when Sally first bought it.

This begs the question, “What the f*ck does McDonald’s use for ingredients?”  There has to be some nuclear process to produce the “meat” used in these sandwiches not too mention the super potatoes used in their fries.  This experiment makes me wonder what kind of magic my gut must pull off to digest this crap.  I feel like if I can eat something like this I’d be OK eating a couple grams of plutonium.  Follow the link below to see the slide show of this abomination.  You’ve been not loving your fast food lunch today…

Hmm Hmm Good!

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Via [Gizmodo via Sally Davies]


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