McFly’s Closet Viral Video Hints at Back to the Future Nike MAG Shoes

[UPDATE] I would imagine anyone that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s managed to watch a little trilogy by the name of Back to the Future.  This classic series wowed audiences back in the day when movies were on film, and 3D was reserved for those awful mind melting blue and red glasses.  From the iconic Delorean time machine to the flying train of the series’ finale, Back to the Future always managed to spark people’s minds.

The second film in the franchise usually stands out because of its look into the future and the gadgets that await our grubby little geek hands.  I still remember my amazement when I saw the hoverboards that Marty used in the future, and how can you not forget the self lacing Nike shoes and jacket.  Back then those futuristic Nike shoes seemed like something that you could only have if you were in the movies, and back then that was the case.

The Original Nike MAGs as seen in Back to the Future 2

Luckily, that may all be changing!  A viral video was released recently which showcases a warehouse full of the Nike MAG self lacing sneakers that Marty wore in BttF 2.  This has caused many to speculate that they may actually be real, and one day will be available at retail.  There’s an invite only Nike presser today in LA too, so maybe we’ll know by tomorrow if these are coming to a store near you.  If this video is indeed the real deal someone will be getting a new pair of shoes faster than you can say “1.21 gigawatts”!  Check out the mysterious commercial below and keep your fingers crossed that these Nike MAGs are in fact a reality.  You’ve been wanting a pair of these since the first time you saw Mr. Fusion…

[UPDATE] The Nike MAG 2011’s are indeed for sale, but in auction form.  Right now they’re running around 5 f*cking thousand dollars ($5k), so I’m gonna pass.  Here’s the bidding link.

McFly’s Closet


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