MCU Box Office Infographic Shows Which Films Made the Most Leading Up to ‘Infinity War’

An infographic has been released that details how much money each of the 18 released MCU films made at the box office in anticipation of Avengers: Infinity War debut, which will put the MCU’s total box office haul over $15 billion dollars. The infographic shows how much each movie cost to make, how much they made during opening weekend, the total US haul, and finally the global haul. As it stands the first Avengers film has made the most cash, but Black Panther isn’t far behind it and could definitely take the mantle. That’s unless Avengers: Infinity War keeps tracking the way it is, because as of now it’s expected to be the biggest MCU opening to date, which surely means it will have legs like Black Panther did, and that it will make a ton of cash around the world.

The graphic also shows how many MCU films are ranked amongst the highest grossing movies of all-time, as well as other records the films have garnered. Plus, you can see which MCU films did the worst at the box office, so head on down below to study how profitable the MCU has been for Marvel and Disney.


Marvel Movie Box Office Infographic
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