Meanwhile, at the Capitol: The Latest in Hunger Games News

After “Hunger Games” took the cinematic world by storm back in March 2012 and schooled all other book-to-movie productions, the cast and crew went on a brief hiatus to regroup for the next installment of the story, “Catching Fire.” Since then, details have began leaking to the public when it comes to casting news, directorial debuts and what the last book means for the movies. Are you ready to catch up on all that is “Hunger Games” news? Get your tribute on and find out what’s cooking for “Catching Fire.”

Philip Seymour Hoffman is in!

Philip Seymour Hoffman has appeared in critically acclaimed flicks like “Capote” and “Cold Mountain,” but he’ll take a departure from those roles, since he recently signed on to play Quarter Quell director Plutarch Heavensbee. That’s right, he’ll be playing the puppet master for the next great battle, but we’ll caution him to not get too comfortable in the role. I mean, we all remember what happened to Seneca Crane at the end of the first movie, right?

Movie split.

It sounds like the producers for the “Hunger Games” movies are taking a page from the playbook of “Harry Potter” and “Twilight;” they’ve decided to split the last book into two movies in order to extend the craze and rake in even more box office bonuses. With the production for the last two movies far-off in the distance, there’s no word as to when the movie will be split in the storyline. If you’ve read the last book, you know that it was pretty action-packed. There will be more than enough material to make up another few hours in the movie theater.

Johanna is finally cast!

After some serious fanboy debate, it sounds like the part of jaded victor Johanna Mason is finally going to actress Jena Malone. You probably remember her from “Stepmom,” “Pride and Prejudice,” and most recently, “Hatfields & McCoys,” but she’ll be joining the cast of “Catching Fire” once production ramps up. Considering big names like Mia Wasikowska were being thrown around, it’s a serious coup for Malone.

Director ditch.

Gary Ross won serious acclaim for his rendition of the first book in the series. But to everyone’s surprise, his relationship with the production company would be short-lived. Shortly after the movie debited, Ross announced that he would step down as director for the massive franchise. Citing differences in tight schedules and turnaround times, Ross said he simply wouldn’t have the time to write and direct the movie. It’ll be Francis Lawrence, director of “Water for Elephants” and “I Am Legend” who will pick up the baton for the next movie. His dark aesthetic will be perfect for the somber tone of the next movie.

Finicky Finnick finds a place.

Some of the biggest casting news in Hollywood revolved around who would snag the coveted part of dreamboat victor Finnick Odair. A number of names were attached to the casting process, including Robert Pattinson and “90210” heartthrob Trevor Donovan. The latest news points toward the fact that a Finnick has finally been found with Sam Claflin. He’s the one who played the prince in “Snow White and the Huntsman” while also playing in “The Pillars of the Earth.” Even though the news is tentative, I think we can all agree that Claflin would be a perfect fit as the self-assured leader.

Of course, we all know that the film industry is a volatile place and what’s set in stone today could be old news tomorrow. But for serious “Hunger Games” fans, all of the news and the updates are just part of the awesome ride.


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