Meathead Bodybuilder Goes Postal on Judges

A Mexican bodybuilder flipped out when he received his scores from the judges to the point where it looked like a bench clearing brawl straight out of the MLB.  I’d imagine that just like today’s baseball players, this guy was juiced to the gills.  Who am I kidding, of course he was.  If any of you think that people can get as big and as ripped as a bodybuilder without steroids, you’re dull, which is only 1 notch higher on the IQ scale than special.

It’s almost physically impossible to achieve that amount of growth and leanness without supplementing with the sauce.  Here’s a tip for you – if you see someone who looks like their closest relative is a Silverback, there’s a good chance they inject HGH for breakfast.  Sorry for the tangent, but it always amazes me when the media thinks it’s such a surprise when athletes get busted for PEDs.  Anyway, check out Jose getting his punch on with the Judges table below.  You’ve been wondering what goes on at Bodybuilding shows…


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