Once I first laid eyes on Medieval Engineers, I knew that it was going to be something special from a very small teaser. Keen Software House have well and truly redeemed itself with its latest move on the gaming scene. After the lackluster and incomplete Miner Wars 2081, many were really not happy about buying into another product thinking that it would turn out the same as the studios last, however Space Engineers which is currently still in early access, is most certainly proving the naysayers wrong thanks to consistent updates and what seems like a clear view to completion.

Despite still having another game in the pipeline, the team is also working on Medieval Engineers. Much like Space Engineers, the game focuses on having the player finding their own fun by using imagination and complex machinery. Even though the game is far from complete, it has still received many updates offering up huge changes to the game, the latest of which included daylight settings, new tools and more to spice up the gameplay.

To those who have gotten acquainted with Space Engineers, you will feel right at home with Medieval Engineers thanks to a near identical control scheme and UI that just works. A multitude of options are available when starting out, giving the ability to change the time of day, the length of the day, the starting area and even structural integrity among other things. In the simplest of terms, the structural integrity means toggling whether a building will crumble if you do not build it properly. Having this turned on though for me was the only way to play, since it made me truly come to appreciate trial and error in the harshest way possible.

Humble beginnings.
Humble beginnings

Above you will see a fine creation, which after a good hour or so was made. Though my little building type area was little more than fancy foundations for what was to be something ground breaking (as is any great project), it was still to become my home for the next few hours. That was at least until I completely messed up the roof resulting in it caving in and crushing my walls and everything surrounding. You see Medieval Engineers is very much a game that requires a great deal of patience if you hope to learn the intricate details surrounding it. There are countless tutorials on the web, and I am not afraid to admit that I used them to learn the basics and beyond. Getting yourself used to how the game works is a difficult thing, but actually playing the thing is a whole new kettle of fish.

Customizing the experience is something which stays very true to Medieval Engineers, and the game really is as fun as you make it. Much like many crafting games, having a goal to make something needs to always be in your mind otherwise boredom is more than likely to kick in. With no multiplayer to speak of yet, and a small but modest selection of tools and blocks at the players disposal, you can only expect to have so much fun. Do not however take this as a bad thing, since the Steam Workshop support and all its designs shows that there are a lot of people out there that like this game one hell of a lot, in turn showing the game a bright future from the community alone.

Disastrous endings.
Disastrous endings

Medieval Engineers might come across as a little light on content at the moment, but even if you were not interested in it during Early Access, mark my words the game is certainly one to follow. It is easy to see how far the game could go, with both a survival mode and creative mode in place, it should not be too long till some epic sieges take place. The Barbarians as they are seem to be little more than placeholders for what is to come at the moment, but hopefully they will serve more of a purpose in the later stages, because this game has so much potential.

Lately, many games have been said to have a lot of potential, but I remain incredibly hopeful that Medieval Engineers will see it through to the end, and give something to those craving a creative medieval experience. If the game sounds like it might appeal to you, then take a look at the Steam store page for it right now to see more on what it offers prospective engineers and gamers alike.


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