Looking for a Geeky Comic Strip Blog? Try French Bouletcorp!

Back in July 2004; French comic creator and animator Boulet was finishing the fourth book in his series Raghnarok when he started his blog, ‘‘.

Today Gilles Roussel a.k.a. Boulet has become one of the most appreciated comic artists in France and Quebec thanks to this hilarious geeky comic strip weblog. ‘Notes’ the paper comics made from the weblog are among the best gifts to think about when you’re looking to please a French speaking geek.

Why such a success? I think because Boulet is a hell of a geek himself! Star Wars, Linux, Amstrad CPC, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Breaking Bad, Pikachu, zombies, Godzilla, … all references which are “making us a better geek”, he’s got them too! And he uses them in these strips which you can just fall in love with.

Now many of you might wonder why I spend so much time introducing a French weblog while on an English speaking website? Well, that’s the good news! Since 2010 with the help of fans, Boulet managed to release an English version of his blog which you can reach at the following url: . I urge you to pay it a visit! You might want to start with this entry from July 3rd: ‘Rise of the Geeks’!


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