I’m a big fan of music. As a big fan of music I fully respect the effort that musicians put into their work. One of the hardest working dudes out there is Brian Fitzgerald, a man of many instruments. Fitzy plays electric violin, guitar, piano, drums, bass, and is also a singer, beatboxer, and live-looping artist. If you don’t know what live-looping is, check out the video below (Even if you do know what live-looping is, watch the video. Also, I may or may not try stealing the Tribe t-shirt from this video.)

Fitzgerald is known for his stage presence, improvisational skills, versatility, and unique approach to what is possible with four strings and a bow. How good is he? In 2008 he performed at the Grammys with the Foo Fighters, and was a finalist for the solo spot. You can check out his Grammy submission video below.

He’s performed all over, from Los Angeles to Miami to Philadelphia to Ireland as a frontman and sideman in various bands. He’s since shifted focus to solo performances and started integrating live looping. Aside from playing, he also produces, engineers, arranges, and composes music. Multi-talented only begins to describe this guy.

While continuing to travel and put on shows, he films a video that he puts up every week called “Throwback Thursday” in which he picks a favorite tune and puts his own spin on it. He’s also a bit of a video game geek (perfect for this website) and made a video using his “Army of Fitzy’s” to recreate the Mario and Zelda themes as seen below.



His most recent project was a stop motion lego video called “Little Boxes”, a song he wrote, played all the instruments and vocals, and engineered it entirely in the studio himself. This was his first video using stop motion filming, and he explains the meaning behind the video and the song itself:

“I felt that Lego stop motion was the perfect medium to portray the homogenization of humanity; after all, they all ‘look the same’”

All said and done, he spent about 100 hours building, shooting and editing the video, plus an additional 20 hours on the song from start to finish. Check out the video below, and be sure to check him out on Facebook and his website at



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