For those of you who tuned into this year’s E3 Press Conference, you may have seen the first trailer for Bethesda’s Dishonored 2. We were able to catch a glimpse at one of the new playable characters in the game: Emily Kaldwin. Now, that name may sound familiar to some of you. If you’ve played Dihonored, you may recognize Emily as the little girl that you’re protecting who saw you saw you as a father figure.

In the latest trailer, Bethesda shed some more light on who this now-adult Emily really is.

“There’s something kind of magical about Emily for us and the game. As soon as we finished Dishonored 1 we began talking about how what we really felt energy about was continuing Emily’s story. What kind of person would she grow up to be, what kind of empress would she be. As you find out in the game, what kind of outlaw would she be.” – Harvey Smith, Co-Creative Director

Dishonored 2 is due out next year for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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