What’s a band of adventurers without a trusty, shield-wielding companion? Nothing, Etrian Mystery Dungeon says, nothing at all.

Atlus’ exciting Etrian Odyssey/Mystery Dungeon crossover, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, has already given Nintendo 3DS owners plenty of reasons to be excited for the game, the latest of which is the reveal of the Protector Class.

Revealed today via a trailer and some fresh new screenshots, the Protector is your go to character when it comes to shielding, soaking damage, and protecting other members of your party. As seen in the trailer, the Protector’s abilities also allow for the character to draw the attention of nearby foes, allowing other party members to get additional damage in throughout the fight.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon is set to release on April 7, 2015, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.


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