Gears of War has been a series filled with colorful characters from the very beginning. I think it’s fair to say that everyone’s got their own favorite character somewhere across the series, and that almost all of them are reasonable candidates, even the villains!

Fahz is the latest character in Gears 5 to get a spotlight shone on him, and I can already tell people are either gonna love or hate him. He’s shown sparring with a robot, getting his ass somewhat handed to him by the machine, when our main cast shows up to chastise him. Challenging them to a sparring match, he gets one cheap shot in and then gets beaten down to the ground in seconds.

Of course, it’s not his fault, and he lets everyone know with a series of profanities of many lengths and definitions. He seems like he’ll probably get some kid of redemption arc where he proves that he’s not just a total hot-headed jerk. I’m sure he’ll show some kind of compassion to someone at some point OR maybe he’ll turn around and become a villain.

Probably not though, oh well, check out the trailer above!

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