Jotun, the upcoming action game based off of Norse mythology, presents gamers with larger than life challenges as they attempt to impress the gods. The game’s central premise revolves around Thora, a fallen warrior, attempting to defeat huge mythological creatures in order to redeem herself in the eyes of Norse deities.

Over the weekend, a new boss in Jotun was revealed. The “Cave Jotun,” named Fehu, is an imposing foe, seen attacking Thora with a massive shield and legions of smaller warriors in the video above.

Jotun features some tremendous, hand-drawn art, that adds a sense of majesty to its mythology-based gameplay. Similar to Shadow of the ColossusJotun is all about exploration and intense battles. Impressive, difficult and engaging, Jotun was one of the most exciting titles that we checked out at PAX East 2015.


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