Meet Journey the PSN Game That all of the Critics are Gushing Over

thatgamecompany has provided the launch trailer for their new PSN exclusive Journey title, which is getting its digital balls licked by every major gaming media outlet on the planet.  tgc is the creative studio behind other PS3/PSN exclusives such as Fl0W, Flower, and Clouds.  Personally, I have never played any of these artistically amazing games mainly because I tend to spend most of my time and gaming funds on Xbox 360 products, but based on their review scores they’re all high-quality must play titles.  I will be playing Journey, and have already downloaded it (PS+ gets it early), but it’ll have to wait for my Mass Effect 3 play through first.  I don’t care how amazing and breathtaking the simplicity of Journey is, because I know for a fact that it’s not as good as ME3, so this little indie title is just going to have to wait for me to play it.

If you base your opinions on the major gaming outlets then you already know that Journey is the most magical 3 hour experience in the entire history of gaming, but I still want to see for myself.  Sometimes I think the mainstream gaming media gets a little to pontifical with it’s game reviews on titles that think out of the box, so I tend to take their gushing praise for games like Journey with a grain of salt, but considering the excellent reputation of tgc I can’t help but think that they all may be right with their high praise on this one.  Check out the trailer below to see Journey in action!  You’ve been wondering how a game can be so amazing when its gameplay centers around running about a desert…

Journey will be available for download on PlayStation®3 beginning March 13, 2012.

Journey™ Launch Trailer

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