Massive Chalice concept art

Massive Chalice concept art

Double Fine, creators of some of gaming’s most unique titles are at it again, this time with veteran Brad Muir at the helm. Massive Chalice is being touted as a ‘tactical strategy PC game on an epic fantasy timeline’, and while this description is enough to turn heads, knowing that the creative force behind Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, and Iron Defense makes the game should be all the incentive needed.

Double Fine is once again taking to Kickstarter to seek funding for Massive Chalice. The studio has had remarkable success with crow-funding efforts previously, and at the time of writing, backers have already raised nearly a quarter of the $750,000 goal.

Massive Chalice, Muir states, takes inspiration from tactical classics such as Final Fantasy Tactics and X-Com. Players take on the role of an immortal King (or Queen) who must unite their massive kingdom in order to defeat a prophesized demonic incursion.

Gameplay within Massive Chalice has two main layers: strategy and tactics. The strategy component has the King overseeing the kingdom. Kingdom management includes on the games biggest draws, creating generation after generation of noble warriors to fight for your cause. While you are immortal, your servants are not and it is up to the King to arrange for your warriors to marry and pass their genealogy on, ensuring that you are never left without a worthy fighting force. This promises to add some serious strategy to what you do with your heroes. Leaving them on the battlefield may mean that they fall in combat before they create a successor, but retiring them early may mean you are left defenseless. Managing your heroes, as well as research and, making decisions that affect your kingdom as a whole are just one side of the game, however, as the tactical side is where the real action is.

Massive Chalice kingdom concept
Kingdom concept art

In the tactical side of Massive Chalice, your King commands the squads of heroes as they engage in visceral combat against the demonic threat. Each hero is customizable, allowing you to tailor your squad in any way needed to ensure victory in turn-based combat.

Along with the two major game layers, Double Fine has also promised some features that will add serious replayability to an already interesting and lengthy game. Permadeath is a fact of life within the world of Massive Chalice – for your heroes, at least. While the King is immortal, he still must value the lives of the heroes who fight for his cause, as one wrong move and mean their death. Content within the game is also promised to be randomized, meaning that no two kingdoms will be alike.

Even though the Massive Chalice Kickstarter just hit the internet, it seems clear that even at this early stage, Double Fine is intent on creating a truly impressive game. With the development pedigree at the studio, and the immense support of Double Fine’s backers, the possibilities for Massive Chalice seem limitless. The team has incorporated plenty of tiered rewards for those who are ready to shell out some money and help make the title a reality.

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