Meet the Characters of Organic Panic in this Awesome Trailer

Organic Panic, the upcoming fruit and veggie platformer from Last Limb Games, was one of the most promising and impressive indie titles the Entertainment Buddha team spent time with at this year’s PAX East. Equal parts intense action and great character design, Organic Panic immediately stood out among the countless titles on the game’s showroom floor.

With the recent announcement of Organic Panic’s Steam Greenlighting, Midnight City (Organic Panic’s publisher), has released an unbelievably entertaining trailer that introduces the viewer to the game’s unique cast of characters.

In the new trailer, each playable character is presented as their real-life counterpart in the ‘Organic Panic Action Playset’. From carrots to kiwis, each character in Organic Panic boasts an impressive array of skills that must be mastered in order to take down the wicked meats and cheeses.

Organic Panic is now available on Steam’s Greenlight, do yourself a favor and check it out now.


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