Meet The Outlaws In The New ‘Secret Ponchos’ Trailer

Everyone knows that it’s impossible to be unhappy while wearing a poncho. However, in Secret Ponchos you play as an outlaw with a serious bounty on your head, and that bounty is only going to get bigger. Gain notoriety, claim achievements, customise your outlaw, and see how much your head is worth, all while fighting away in a graphic-novel styled Western environment.

This E3 2014 trailer shows off five unique outlaws, such as Kid Red and Phantom Poncho, while displaying the games frantic gameplay. Secret Ponchos also calls itself an “online combat game”, with the ability to duel with other players, either one-vs-one, free-for-all, or a Spaghetti Western style ‘gang fight’. On top of all this, you create a legacy based on your in game performance.

Secret Ponchos will be available on PC and PlayStation 4, with it first being revealed alongside the PlayStation 4 over a year ago. The game has now finally reached beta stage and can be played via Steam Early Access. There’s also 25% off for those who buy it this month.

The planned full release is a rough “fall 2014” for PlayStation 4, and “first quarter 2015” for PC.


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