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Introducing the Entertainment Buddha Crew

Matt Heywood: Editor-in-Chief/Webmaster


Matt Heywood is the founder and EIC of where he strives to make you a better geek, one post at a time! He’s the self-described guru of all things geeky, but gaming is his main mistress. When he’s not scouring the Internet for interesting nuggets of awesomeness he can be found in his secret lair enjoying the latest and greatest video games that the market has to offer.


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Raymond Porreca: Managing Editor


Raised on classic role-playing games, Ray’s eternal quest for the next great game has led to him playing everything he can get his hands on. With a passion for every facet of the video game industry, Ray aims to keep readers informed and entertained with every word he writes.


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Ana Febo: Staff Writer


Ana lives in Orlando, Florida and Mickey Mouse is her neighbor. While she’s not being a responsible adult she enjoys watching movies, TV, and playing video games. She has always been a gamer at heart. She primarily plays on consoles, but has recently picked up a 3DS and is really enjoying it. When she’s not gaming she likes to stay current with what’s on TV and watch movies. Ana loves sharing her geekiness with others.


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Ten Bensons: Staff Writer

Jim beans 01

TenBensons is the online alias of Jim Payne, a music producer and gamer from Portsmouth, England. Jim has been a passionate gamer since he was able to play the portable Donkey Kong Jr L.C.D handheld when he was 7 years old. He has owned nearly all the consoles that have existed in the last two decades and continues to enjoy console gaming alongside P.C gaming, as well as making electronic music. Always looking to challenge the gaming and music industry Jim relishes in the opportunity to engage in friendly debate and hopes that you will get involved to support or rebut him.


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Nick Hershey: Associate Editor


Nick was born and raised in Amish country, has a beard, but isn’t Amish. He’s a fan of winter as long as he’s at the top of a mountain with a board under his feet. He’s an avid sports fan, movie junkie, tv bum, and music enthusiast who still purchases CDs for some reason.


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Kyle Neubeck: Staff Writer (Retired)

picture for writing

Maligned as a “vidiot” by his father as a child for his obsession with video games, Kyle feels privileged to write about them as a young adult. Outside of his duties at EB, Kyle covers basketball for a variety of publications, including Dime Magazine, ESPN’s True Hoop Network, and Bleacher Report.


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Spencer Churchill: Staff Writer (Retired)


Born and raised in the dystopian backdrop of Upstate NY, Spencer Churchill is a basement-dwelling cinephile who is attempting to distort his post-grad blues with visions of celluloid stimulation. He studied sculpture and cinema studies at SUNY New Paltz and helped organize America’s first and only New German Cinema Club. Nothing pleases Churchill more than guiding his friends towards movie recommendations. He also loves video games.


Justin Ludwig: Associate Editor


A mild-mannered number nerd by day but by night he wears many caps and cowls. His poison is mostly video games and comic books but he dabbles in all things pop culture. Will absolutely talk your ear off about retro games and comic book collecting. Occasionally he will boast about his no death run in Contra or his time with the highest score on Sonic the Hedgehog.


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Owen Hibbert: Staff Writer (Retired)


Someone who appreciates innovation and new ideas in general, Owen is always on the lookout for the next release; no matter its size. Owen’s areas of expertise mostly lie in video games and film, though music is also a particular interest of his. Owen’s Steam library tells him that he has a problem – as does everyone else – yet he continues to ignore them all.


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Nick Horry: Staff Writer (Retired)


Nick grew up in the rural English countryside, where the pub three miles away was one of the few available forms of entertainment. Luckily, Nick wasn’t living in the 18th century and a steady flow of movies and video games were available and became a big part of his early life. Nick then went on to study Film & TV at University and now hopes to deliver interesting and thoughtful content to fellow enthusiasts.


Nat Smyth: Staff Writer

Photo on 11-2-14 at 10

Born and raised in Plymouth, NH, Nat has been gaming since he was 3 starting on his brother’s Sega Genesis, all the way up to the Xbox One. Well rounded in a range of game genres from beat-em-ups to shooters, to role-playing-games, and more, he’s had a passion for all things gaming as long as he’s been able to hold a controller. While busy with school, sports, working, he still finds time to sit down, play, read up on the latest news, and hunt for deals on new and classic games.


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John Fletcher: Staff Writer


John Fletcher was born in Connectiticut, raised in Philadelphia and then became a man in England. He now lives in Plymouth which sometimes reminds him why his forefathers left there in the first place. Apart from his boring grown up job, John is a gamer, writer and general geek who can sometimes be found dressed as a Viking and swinging axes at other men…luckily most of them are doing the same to him.


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David Seeber: Staff Writer/Video Producer

IMAG0555_2 (1)

David Seeber grew up captivated by Sonic the Hedgehog and simple four button controllers. Nowadays, you can find him smashing his Xbox controller furiously into the ground as he still tries to beat the first level of Dark Souls. Committed to the industry and it’s bright future, you can count on him to bring you an honest, all be it sarcastic, take on the latest video games and all around nerd culture.



Mark Steighner: Staff Writer


Mark Steighner is a composer, playwright, teacher, musician, and videogamer from the Pacific Northwest. He’s also a grandfather and older than the rest of the EB staff combined. Just goes to show that one can put off actual maturity for a really long time.


Elliott Finn: Staff Writer


Elliott Finn is a writer, blogger and entertainment journalist, with an interest in video games, film, TV, comics and more. Currently in his final year of studying English at the University of Exeter, he is a Staff Writer for both Entertainment Buddha and Airlock Alpha. Elliott is based in the UK.


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Keith Mathias: Community Manager/Associate Editor


Keith is a writer and photographer living and working in the Baltimore/DC area. Every once in a while, he’ll put down the controller to pick up a book or simply bask in the light of the silver screen. Formerly of, you can read his thoughts on the DC music scene at WAMU’s Bandwidth.


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Lucas Smith: Staff Writer


Ever since he first played Final Fantasy, Lucas has been an avid JRPG fan though he’s also partial to MMOs and shooters. He one day hopes to find a game that surpasses his love for Chrono Trigger and can often be found playing it wherever he goes. When not playing games, he can be found at the nearest arthouse theater enjoying the finer things in life.


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AJ Moser: Staff Writer


AJ has had a love for video games ever since he picked up Pokemon Gold as a child. He is currently studying at Michigan State University and will keep playing video games until the day he dies. AJ is also very passionate about films, music and the craft of writing.


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Samuel Cline: Staff Writer (Retired)


Samuel hails from the lovely lands of Missouri. He’s got a degree in Film and loves all things pop-culture and social media related. You can catch him on Xbox Live or Twitter through the name SamoX19.


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Craig Munn: Staff Writer


With a gaming history dating back to 1995, Craig’s rich history with video games spans from the likes of Alex Kidd and Sonic the Hedgehog, all the way up to the likes of Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Rock Band 3 and The Last Of Us. He’s the self proclaimed rhythm game fanatic, lover of all things beat match and musical. If he isn’t playing music games, he’s playing action/adventure titles or Final Fantasy.


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Chris Botsis: Staff Writer

1191 (2)

Nourished by a healthy diet of Nintendo games and eclectic music during his upbringing, Chris has devoted himself to writing about his two favorite forms of art during his adult life. A lover of video games and a musician himself, Chris can often be found jamming on his guitar, indulging in the latest gaming masterpiece, or playing with his dog Sushi.


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J.T. Carlton: Freelance Contributor


J.T. Carlton is a novelist, composer, producer, and freelance journalist. He has currently locked himself in his office with a pellet gun and a large inflatable monkey. He is not to be trusted. Follow him on Twitter or read his blog (if you dare).


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