Meet Tyler Capps, Creator of ‘2AM Chili’ and the Upcoming Book Comically Cooking


Tyler Capps became an overnight cooking celebrity thanks to his wildly successful ‘2am Chili’ recipe. The recipe, posted originally on Reddit featured not only the steps to making amazing chili, but also Tyler’s hilarious and entertaining drawings.

Tyler’s drawings (and recipes) quickly skyrocketed him to instant stardom. With his wild success, came the next step in his cooking career, Comically Cooking. The upcoming book is very much the embodiment of Tyler’s work – entertaining, informative, delicious, and of course funny.

Take a look at the videos below for a little insight into Tyler’s remarkable life up until now, as well as a few doodling tips from the Comic Cook himself.

Tyler Takes Cartooning to New Places…The Kitchen:

Tyler Shows You How to Doodle Like a Rock Star:

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