Mega 64 Lampoons the P.T. Konami Debacle with a Scary Short

The Mega64 YouTube channel has released a perfectly cheeky P.T. in real life parody video to lampoon the whole debacle Konami created when it flat out cancelled the game, as well as some of the other shenanigans the company has performed over the past few weeks.

The parody is essentially a spin on the game’s world in real life, but rather than it being about the ethereal and demented, Konami stars as the antagonist. Essentially, a gamer tries to keep his P.T. loaded PS4 from the clutches of evil so he can sell it on Ebay for a tidy profit, but there are forces beyond his control trying to thwart him at every corner.

If you enjoyed P.T. and like fun video game in real life parody videos, then you have to watch Mega64’s latest short above.


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