Mega 64’s Final Fantasy VII In Real Life Prank is Hysterical

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most celebrated RPGs in gaming history, it’s timeless, it’s still fun to play, the music is amazing, the story is fantastic, and it’s just a great game. Of course, that means that a slew of spoofs and parodies have come out since then, and Mega64 has finally thrown their hat in the ring, and my god is it funny to watch.

Their videos are always a gas to watch, with their public antics, disturbing the peace, getting in people’s ways, etc. Their costumes are always right on that line of bad and hysterically bad, I can’t quite tell who’s dressed up as Cloud, but my god that wig is so bad that it’s good. The Buster Sword prop is actually pretty awesome though, I would love to be able to put something like that together, cause it looks pretty slick. Anyway, take a couple moments and enjoy some real-world Chocobo racing and turn-based combat set right in the middle of some busy streets.

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Nathaniel Smyth

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