Mega Man 11.

That is something that I really didn’t think I would ever get to say. It really seemed like Capcom’s most recognizable series next to Street Fighter was forever just going to be a fond memory. The callback to him in various fighting games was nice, but was somewhat like salt on an open wound. A tease that Capcom remembered him, but just sort of had him collecting dust on the shelf.

Not only does this game look like a tight mixture of awesome new visuals and classic action platforming, with some new stuff! Mega Man’s armor changes design to show what boss weapon he’s using, rather than just changing color. He’s also got the help of Rush again, and what appears to be some kind of rechargeable super attack.

Everything about this trailer feels good, I am seriously excited about this game, and not just as a Mega Man fan. This looks like a really well-made and exciting addition to the series, and opens the door to start making sequels of the spin-off series’ as well!

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