Mega Man Redesigns: Futuristic Cop and Decrepit Old Man Stylings

Mega Man is one of the more iconic video game characters to come out of the NES era. His abilities to take on the powers of his foes to use against other enemies made him an endearing character, while also offering a steep challenge en route to each game’s final boss. His style is undeniable and many gamers would be able to pick him out in a police lineup of popular video game characters. His blue suit and helmet matched with his canon-arm are almost as identifiable as Mario and Luigi’s overalls and read and green attire.

Artists Kevin Bolk and Ogi Grujic took it upon themselves to redesign the robotic hero, and each of their visions offer a unique take on the characters looks. Bolk took a more comical style, creating an older Mega Man who has a bit of a problem with his gun, not unlike most men when they age. Grujic took more of a realistic approach to his Mega Man redesign and cast him as a futuristic cop. Think Robocop, but not as violent. Both styles look great and maintain the essence of the character, so if you’re a fan of Dr. Light’s creation you should definitely check out his new looks after the break.






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