Mega Man Universe Looks Simply Amazing!

Old-School gamers take note.  Mega Man Universe is going to be an awesome piece of nostalgia.  Anyone who grew up in the NES generation has played or at least heard of the Mega Man franchise.  It was one of the most challenging series of all-time because of its platforming difficulty and crazy a*s bosses.  You have to remember that back in the day there was no such thing as saving your progress.  In most videogames back then you were f*cked if you lost all of your lives and continues, so that made tough games even more brutal. I’m still amazed that I never poked my eye out with a rusty spoon while playing NES games.

Anyway, Mega Man Universe is going to be a remake of Mega Man 2 that will include next-gen visuals but keep the old 8-bit feel.  It looks freaking awesome, but at the same time I’m having a panic attack thinking about the inevitable pain felt by playing this game.  Maybe I can spend time with the newly added level creator, which is sure to cultivate some demented challenges from the Mega Man community.  Check out the gameplay trailer below to see what Mega-Man looks like sans 8-bit.  You’ve been taken back to 1988…


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