Mega Man is one of my favorite franchises of all-time, as it likely is for hundreds of thousands of people all over the world! Smash Games has finally made their way to (mildly) mocking the Blue Bomber, while elaborating on the ups and downs that he’s had over the years. From his classic series to appearing in Super Smash Bros. and his failed successor, Mighty No. 9, he’s been all over the place.

Not to mention, there’s been the X, Zero, Battle Network, ZX, and Legends series as well have all had their own success. There aren’t too many franchises with as many successful spin-offs as Mega Man, which is kinda sad considering that Capcom hasn’t done anything inventive with him lately. Check out the video above and relive some amazing games, then get really sad when you realize that we probably won’t get any new ones anytime soon.

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